DBX Process Technician

Company Name:
Apply using the following link: https://careers-mtf.icims.com/jobs/2021/processing-technician%2c-2nd-shift%2c-dbx-%28monday---friday%29/job
The DBX Technician is responsible for the aseptic processing of cortical and cancellous bone into various milled, mixed, and treated products. The majority of the work entails batch production involving accurately measuring and mixing solutions and timed chemical processes. The DBX Technician sterilizes and maintains all clean room processing areas and equipment. They must also reconcile and test tissue and perform final product inspection and labeling.
Job Duties:
1.Aseptically process tissue while maintaining sterility of the clean rooms.
2.Able to operate bone mills and basic laboratory equipment (mixers, sieves, sealers).
3.Responsible for all quality checks on processed tissue and paperwork prior to release.
4.Check sterility of self, tissue and environment on a daily basis.
5.Clean and re-sanitize work area and all equipment and supplies.
6.Perform all post-process functions including reconciliation, testing, inspecting and labeling.
7.Educate other employees about clean room operations.
8.Document all processing activities completely and accurately.
9.Work with potential biological hazardous material
10.Performs additional duties as assigned.
1. Minimum two years experience in one of the following areas:
Tissue banking, surgical technician or nurse.
Production experience in a sterile environment in the pharmaceutical or medical fields
Position requiring use of hand tools or procedures involving hand-eye coordination
2. High school degree. College coursework in life sciences helpful.
3. Knowledge of CGMP's or QSR's.
4. Must be able to maintain a working knowledge of the Standard Operating Procedures.
5. Able to lift 50 pounds
6. Must be able to stand for long periods of time and work for up to four hours without a rest break. Only one lunch break allowed per day.

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