WLAN/Bluetooth Developer - San Diego, CA

Company Name:
Cynet Systems
We are looking for WLAN/Bluetooth Developer for our client in San Diego, CA

JOB TITLE: WLAN/Bluetooth Developer


TERM: Full time

Supporting new platforms that will use our solution in SDIO and USB configurations.
Primary responsibility involves working on the Firmware support of SDIO and USB interfaces which includes HW control modules and intermediate transport modules communicating over the bus.
Will be involved in supporting issues related firmware and driver bring up on SDIO interface.
Major effort involved would be in fine tuning of data path algorithms which behaves differently when moving from low latency path to high latency path
Must have background in 802.11 wireless lan driver and firmware development with familiarity with arm processor architecture.
Xtensa experience a plus, but not needed.
Working knowledge of SDIO is highly desirable.
Knowledge of various scheduling alogrithms is advantageous.
3 - 4 years of driver/firmware development experience is required.
802.11 wireless lan driver and firmware development/Testing
802.11 protocols Stack Knowledge , WPA supplicant, Network driver development
Linux, Android, QNX drivers development/Testing
Required: Bachelor's,
Engineering and/or Computer Networks & Systems and/or Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience Preferred: Master's, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Networks & Systems and/or Computer Science or equivalent experience

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